Shades By Matiss

shades by matiss

Stylish, reliable and environmentally responsible solutions that enable users to manage daylight and energy.

Cordless Shades

Easy Spring Series

The chain-free Easy Spring Plus system engineered designs to ensure smooth ascending spring operation.  Easy Spring Ultra provides and improved top limit setting and has been through 7,000 trials to maintain spring tension.  Rollease Acmeda latest chain-free system uses the weight bar to operate the shade providing the perfect child-safe solution, and features an engineered design for a smooth ascent and improved functionality.

S45 Series

The Rollease Acemda S45 Series, unparalleled in design and aesthetics, comprises a range of roller shade systems which enable efficient installation and effortless operation for the end user.  Several control solutions are provided in the S45 range to suit a variety of operating scenarios.  They include the choice of spring system control, an innovative and patent-protected chain control, convenient and child-safe motorization or the heavy-duty advantage offered by the crank handle.

All S45 systems feature our Easy-Lock technology which allows foro shade installation by a single installer.  From Idler to bracket, the ‘locate and lock’ process is simple and streamlined. Additionally, Easy-Lift spring boosters can be retro-fit to our S45 system to furher minimize the effort  required by the end-user during operation. Rollease acmeda is also committed to supplying solutions that are compliment sophisticated interiors and the S45 Series contributes to achieving a high-end look. Utilizing S45 compenents, minimal light gaps can be achieved and the slim and sleek bracket convers provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Line Voltage

The Sonesse range is able to completely satisfy the needs of a demanding market.  Available for a variety of control systems, for all types of spatial configurations in commercial and residential buildings, in both new and renovated projects.

Low Voltage

The low-voltage motor range puts window coverings in motion with quiet precision.  The motors are engineered with superior noise reduction technology from a distance of 3 feet.

Battery Powered Motors

Motorized blinds and shades appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them.  Perfect for all indoor living spaces, these custom made and professionally installed blinds and shades give you the convenience to easily manage room lighting and privacy.

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